Teaching online is no longer the future; it is now your reality

Enjoy Weekends Off

Work Mondays to Friday only with a fixed schedule and no graveyard shift

Acquire the American Accent

Be trained by the best Language Specialists and get the American Accent in 30 days!

Fall in Love with Korea

Have fun learning the beautiful Korean culture interacting with real Korean students

Have a Personal Coach

Grow personally and professionally with the help of your own personal trainer

Phone & Video Class

Teachers who love teaching teach students to love learning

Robot Teachers

Schools in South Korea have begun using robots to teach English

Engkey is a white egg-shaped robot developed by KIST. Each of the 20 ‘Engkey’ robots stands a meter high, with a television monitor for a face.

Robot Teachers on Rated K

The President and Vice-President of IBIZ Academy on the No 1 magazine show in the Philippines with the most awarded news anchor in the country, Ms. Korina Sanchez

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  • Founded December 2003 by a group of Koreans and Filipinos dedicated to actively promoting English as a Foreign Language to Koreans
  • Founders are pioneers of the online teaching industry


  • Our vision is to be the premier E-learning center known for providing quality English education service.
  • Our vision is to be the choice provider for our clients’ needs for increasing their proficiency and confidence in the English language.
  • Our vision is to be the company of choice for employees seeking an environment where their personal and professional growth is met to the highest expectations.


  • Our mission is to provide best practice and effective language teaching modules/activities to meet fluency needs of students.
  • Our mission is to continuously evaluate and develop our language learning methodology.
  • Our mission is to foster a strong and healthy long-term relationship between our company and our clients.
  • Our mission is to continuously provide professional and personal growth opportunities for our employees through seminars and training.

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